Restaurant Melograno

Melograno offers wide choice of delicious fresh & local food, inspired by Georgian and Italian cuisine. Sophisticated setting and cozy atmosphere is perfect for business lunch as well as get-together with friends and family. The menu features authentic Georgian cuisine with classic recipes and some of the best Italian dishes. Everything here is fresh made and handmade, prepared by masters of taste. Together with well-known, traditional Georgian food you can try signature dishes like Chakhaluli (beaf meat and potato with wine sauce) a chicken with pomegranate Baje, Khachapuri with special recipe etc. If you are in a mood of more classic European dinner/lunch, there are good options too. You will enjoy classic Italian cuisine with homemade fresh Ravioli and pasta, Pizza, grilled fish, charcoal grilled Rib-eye and many more. Restaurant is vegetarian/vegan-friendly with diverse Georgian and Italian veggie specials. High class service, outstanding food and great variety of Georgian wine will certainly make you want come back again.




Working hours

08:00 - 23:30

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